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About Us


  Founded in 1995 by Ron Petit, M.S., M.A., Afton Alternative Associates is backed with over 50 years of combined healthcare experience. Ron has been a professional counselor since 1974 when he obtained his masters in counseling from The University of Iowa. He received his Rolfing certification in 1979 and his advanced Rolfing training in 2000. He has been in private practice since 1976.

  Ron has extensive experience in injury rehabilitation, sports performance, individual, couples and family therapy and other body/mind healing approaches. He has trained with Joseph Zinker, Richard Olney, Lee Branham, Jackie Stocker, Cherie McCoy, Jan Sultan, Neil Powers, Stacey Mills, Tom Wing and other contemporaries of Dr. Ida Rolf through the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

  Donna Tveten, OTR, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Certified Brain Gym® Instructor has been an associate since 1998. She obtained her occupational therapy degree from The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

  Donna has been a department head of a hospital based occupational therapy unit, a consultant to nursing homes, a school occupational therapist, a private Brain Gym® Instructor and has worked as a Holistic Occupational Therapist for the last 15 years. She has trained with John Barnes, P.T., Ann Marie Groth and Rich Work, Arne Rantzen, Madeline Marcus, Dr. Catherine Warrick, Paul Dennison and others.