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In Loving Memory

Brownie Tveten 1986-2003

In the end, only kindness matters. This is the enduring gift and memory of Brownie that we will carry within us forever. Brownie Tveten exemplified that state called unconditional love and kindness. She was always herself, authentic, fiesty and with a sweetness of spirit that melted our hearts and continues to impact those who knew her.

We always knew when she was hungry, which was most of the time. We also always knew when something was amiss as Brownie would pick up on it. The consummate peacekeeper, she intuitively always knew just what to do when someone was upset or when a friend or client was hurting. Often she would simply come and sit against us or them when we were vulnerable and feeling pain. At other times, she would get you to pet her, thus effectively taking your mind off of your cares. Both ways worked. Both ways conveyed the love, gentleness and kindness of spirit that made Brownie so special and that bonded her so deeply into our hearts.

Brownie was the eternal conservationist. We fondly referred to her cruizing of the parks for food as vacuuming. She had no problem whatsoever with walking up to total strangers and making friends. She was especially good at this when people were grilling out. Many a new friend we met when we sometimes went to fetch her back home.

Brownie exemplified the spirit of friendship and good will that our world is so desperately starving for at this time in our evolution. She would always connect with new people in the neighborhood, regardless of age, ethnicity or any criteria whatsoever. She was totally nonjudgemental, and people instinctively knew this and quickly warmed up to her.

At the same time, Brownie took care of herself and acted on her need to be independent. She could be what Ron liked to call "naughty". We will never tire of remembering when she would turn with a flourish and run away, getting us to follow her. One of her favorite places to run away to was the adjacent beach. She seemed to never tire of exploring and of trying new adventures.

Brownie was a healer and our "Therapy Dog" but indeed, as we were so prone to say, she wasn't a dog at all but in reality, a "furry being". She had so many names we lost count. We called her "Honey Bomber", "Puppy Duffer", Sweety Puppy", "Brownster" and the list goes on. I guess it was one of our ways of letting her know we loved her.

And love her we did. Be well Honey Bomber and thank you for all you gave to us.

We will never forget.
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