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Depot Restoration Project

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The Friends of the Tuscobia Trail, Inc., The Winter Area Chamber of Commerce, The Winter Area Business Development Commission and the Happyland Historical Society are presently working together in order to renovate their 1905 historic Omaha Road railroad depot. When complete, this facility will house the Winter Area Chamber of Commerce Welcoming Center, the Happyland Historical display, Friends of the Tuscobia Trail volunteers and also serve as a trailhead for various users of the trail including hikers, ATV and snowmobile users and more. We are now actively in the process of securing available grants and donations to help with this goal.

Landscaping has been accomplished, a cement foundation has been layed, the depot has been moved, a retaining wall has been poured and the depot was lowered onto the retaining wall.

The DOT application to help with the core of the refurbishing was succesfully submitted and we have been awarded a generous amount of funds with wich to complete architectural drawings and then refurbish the depot with new electrical wiring, heating, inner and outer walls, windows and doors and more.