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Don Carlson Scholarship Fund

Who Was Don Carlson:

Don was a man who was classically trained in voice as well as English literature education. He was a teacher who lived in Stacy Minnesota and worked at an academy for disadvantaged children. Possessing a booming baritone voice, he was prone to launch into lines from one of Shakespeare's many plays or poems

He was a man well versed in the politics of the day, and he never tired of discussing or debating the twists and turns of contemporary political thought in the United States at the dawning of a "new" millennium. He also loved to research and try to rectify omissions or distortions of what he saw as true church doctrine within the Catholic Church.

He was a music teacher, a composer of passion plays, a painter, a carpenter, and a man deeply committed to changing and growing himself and also to try to change his world for the better, be it through helping children in the field of education or simply stopping in to see a sick or injured friend.

Don always pushed himself to learn more in an attempt to heal the structural damage he had incurred from several automobile accidents. Sometimes, lacking the energy to sing or to teach, he would pray and ask spirit to help him heal and to give him the strength to continue on. On many occasions, he would drive late at night to relax, and to help him get closer to God and an experience of inner peace.

On one such night, Don was hit and killed by a drunk driver one mile from his home as he returned from a drive in the country. He was taken to a small town hospital near the accident scene but died in the early morning hours on an evening in June of 2002.

Don exemplified the spirit and determination to heal that we wish all of our clients possessed. Because of his tenacity and sincere commitment to get better and move on in his life, I believe he was able to gain a level of mobility and healing that he would not have obtained otherwise. Indeed, despite the depression, discouragement and pain he experienced on an often daily basis, he was able to progress far beyond what some might have predicted for him. Through study and observation of the principles and modalities used by his health care practitioners, he was able to become an expert on his body in his own right. His contribution during sessions and his understanding of what he needed during sessions was invaluable to his progress.

The Scholarship Fund Screening Process:

It is with these healing principles and commitments in mind that we have created the Don Carlson Scholarship fund to assist in the healing of certain select and committed people who come to us for help. Don did not have a lot of money but he rationed his finances to make sure he was able to pursue the Rolfing, Bonnie Pruden or Chiropractic sessions that did him so much good. Because of Don's courage and commitment, we wish to give back to individuals who are in need of healing services but who may not posess sufficient or even any funds at all with which to pay for sessions.

Several times per year, based on need, commitment and the feasibility that our work might help a particular client, we offer a series of sessions to qualified individuals free of charge. To qualify, an individual needs to fill out an application, meet with us, and then be considered as a potential recipient of the scholarship. If you are such an individual, and if you are truly sincere about wanting to change and heal your body, emotions or spirit, please contact us through the "Contact Us" page and we will get back to you. We will forward you an application. Once we receive the application back, we will contact you regarding the availability of the scholarship fund and further steps in the screening process. Not everyone is accepted for this scholarship. Decisions regarding acceptance are ours alone but always are modeled after the values, personal integrity and commitment exemplified by Don Carlson.