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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an underlying philosophy of care at Winter Health and Wellness and Afton Alternative Associates?

Answer: We believe that with the proper support and guidance, that all of us can grow and progress emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. With this in mind, our healing modalities take into account that there are many ways to approach a health issue. We might begin by addressing certain thought patterns, certain troublesome emotions or even physical discomfort, depending on the person. Because they are interrelated, however, we work in a way that honors and gives a voice to all of these aspects. Whatever the approach, our constant aim is to teach self acceptance, increased awareness and personal responsibility. Simple to say, but truly powerful when put into action.

2. Do Winter Health and Wellness and Afton Associates practitioners also have traditional training, and do they coordinate with other health care providers?

Answer: All practitioners working through the Winter and Afton practices are traditionally trained in their health care practice of choice. When working with clients, they all work from a core of holistic principles, while grounding these principles in proven, practical, hands-on-modalities. Disciplines such as counseling, occupational therapy or other related fields all rely upon this holistic orientation while also being informed by traditional standards of practice. We make a point to coordinate with other involved health care providers.

3. Can I use my health insurance for your services?

Answer: Most health insurance plans are written to include such policies as "medically necessary", before they will cover for services. Because of this, to best insure that your plan will cover, it is recommended that you secure a medical referral from either a medical physician, an osteopath or a chiropractor that specifies who they are referring to, the need for the service, what their diagnosis is, the specific service they are referring for and the number of sessions they recommend.

Once this referral is written and available, the chance of your policy covering is much enhanced. We can submit this information along with claim forms to your insurance carrier, but require up-front payment for individual sessions prior to this service step taking place. You can also choose to submit your claim forms and other required information yourself and obtain a coverage opinion from your insurance company prior to beginning sessions with us. We are happy to furnish information to support this method of submission to your insurance provider.