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Politics Of Health

Prison Fellowship Takes Aim at Judicial Activism

In our experience we have observed that all too often, effective health care approaches for the body or the mind are simply seen as too threatening to the status quo and the powers that be. Basing their approach on observable evidence and stringent University level research documentation, Prison Fellowship has demonstrated that a faith-based approach to prisoner rehabilitation not only works but turns in an astounding 8 percent recidivism rate for reoffending compared to 66 percent for the usual psychological-therapy-sociological based approaches used in recent years. I guess this qualifies them as a threat, despite the State of Iowa liking their results and granting them the contract to work with prisoners based on competitive bidding and despite the recent national requirements for "evidence based approaches" in the health care arena. Now a federal court judge has ruled that despite their astounding results, that Prison Fellowship must repay the State of Iowa over one and a half million dollars for their work over the last few years, claiming their volunteer program was "tainted" by religion. For more information on this bizarre ruling by a federal judge in Iowa, go to the the following link:  http://www.family.org/cforum/extras/a0041536.cfm

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