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To help you decide about contacting us, we thought you might like to hear what some of our clients have to say about our work. Clearly, this feedback is not scientific, but rather the personal experience of clients who have found value in what we offer.

1."After many years of running, I had sustained a nagging injury that caused me a lot of pain every time I ran. None of the Doctors, Chiropractors or rehab. specialists that I worked with were ever able to figure out what caused the pain or even how to treat it, so I had heard about Rolfing and it's approach to structural integration and figured that it couldn't hurt to check it out. I met with Ron and spent a great deal of time asking him questions to remove my skepticism. , and within eight to ten weeks I was beginning to run pain free again. Now, not only is the pain gone, but my overall movement and stride are much more comfortable, easy and efficient. Personally, I can't say enough good things about how Rolfing has helped me physically, and how Ron has helped me get back on the track to becoming a competitive runner again."

Tim Butler, Minneapolis, MN

2. "I suffered from back and neck pain for years to the point of being bed ridden for a day or two, three to four times per year. After Rolfing, 6 years ago, I've never had a reoccurrence episode that left me bed ridden since. Nothing short of miraculous is the way I would put it."

Ron Pearson, Environmental Health Consultant, St Paul, MN

3. "As a victim of car and other accidents, I have needed corrective therapy of many types for many years, gaining mastery of therapeutic techniques from practitioners. I can assert with complete assurance that Ron's expertise is of the highest order. He combines great experience in counseling to suppliment his Rolfing treatments in ways very beneficial for holistic healing. His personal integrity and extreme kindness give clients complete confidence that they are in truly capable and caring hands."

Don Carlson, Teacher, Stacey, MN

4. "It is my pleasure to recommend Ron Petit as a very gifted Rolfer. His work is very "efficient", in that he brings needed growth and change with only a few, precise maneuvers. He has an uncanny eye for seeing what is possible and necessary in my body. I have had great results both within and outside of the structure of the "basic" Ten Sessions. He draws from a number of modalities in his work. As he moves seamlessly from deep Rolfing strokes to subtle Cranio-Sacral Manipulations, I sense how it's all "the same work". He is a gifted counselor who can provide excellent support for emotional awareness, and in his work with me this has facilitated deeper and more lasting growth and change. He continues to expand his own education and develop new tools; his recent work focusing on my scoliosis has been very effective. I have referred a number of friends to Ron for his Rolfing work and they have been universally impressed with the results."

Peter Toluzzi, Minneapolis, MN

5. "Donna has assisted me greatly in healing on many levels. Her power, compassion and love shine in the work she does. Each session is different as she has the unique ability to tune in to my needs in the moment, be present with me and guide me into transformation using a wide range of skills. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is ready to heal and create change in their lives."

Toni Tunge, Nutritional & Wellness Consultant, Minneapolis, MN

6. "After ten months of attempts to decrease the pain and swelling of my knee following an injury, Donna's treatment changed the direction of my progress. I was scheduled to see a specialist at the recommendation of my medical doctor. The prognosis was poor and it looked like I would need surgery, or at the very least, cortisone shots. Numerous things were tried over the ten month period to no avail. Donna did a very non-invasive type of work which seemed to allow the body to do miraculous things. The pain and swelling amazingly went away and has remained gone over the last few years. In fact, when I went to see the specialist again, his opinion was that nothing more needed to be done. I believe the work Donna did was a good thing. I recommend that if you have any doubts about having an invasive medical procedure, try this complimentary option first."

Dan Luetke, Retired Corporate Executive, Young Living Essential Oils Representative

7. "I have had many bodywork sessions with Donna Tveten as well as other bodyworkers. What I appreciated most about Donna was her ability to blend in techniques from other methodologies, besides her basic certification as an Occupational Therapist, to provide whatever sort of intervention the session required. Moreover, she has the intuitive intelligence to know when to use what. This is a rare and healing combination which I can recommend without reservation."

Dr. Catherine Warrick, St Paul, MN